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We've been working with customers for years and teaching them about how to take their organization from small to big data. The first step? Training. So we're launching our own free online data science course to help you with the transition.

A better way to learn data science

The key to getting started with data science is to work on concrete use cases and build your own projects fast. This course will be focused on teaching you the basics as well as giving you practical skills to solve actual business use cases.


Meet your teachers 

By organizing events for our users and building partnerships with universities for the past 3 years, Alivia has gone from small to big data herself!
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After helping some of our biggest customers get onboarded on Dataiku, Adrien built this course based on his countless hours of training.

course syllabus

September 20th at 12PM ET: Learning the Basics, concepts, & your first ML model

  • Starting with definitions: what are we talking about
  • Changing mindsets: going from small to big data
  • Practical: Training your first ML model

September 27th at 12PM ET: The data science workflow, building a predictive model flow

  • The 6 steps of building a predictive model, from business project to deployment
  • Prediction vs Clustering - what's your use case?
  • Practical: From data to model in 15 minutes

October 4th at 12PM ET: Getting dirty; data preparation and feature creation

  • Categorical, numerical, text: how does the model read your data?
  • Good data = good model, or why data cleaning is 80% of your data project
  • Practical: Data cleaning and feature creation

October 11th at 12PM ET: Understanding your model - and communicating about it

  • After the training: understanding how your model worked
  • Communicating results and thinking about production
  • Practical: Model performance and building graphs

About Dataiku

Dataiku is the data-driven backbone for some of the world’s top enterprises, serving as a central hub for analytics and machine learning model deployment/management. In 2017, Dataiku doubled in size and tripled its revenue, culminating in a September 2017 announcement of their $28M Series B funding round led by Battery Ventures along with FirstMark Capital, Alven Capital, and Serena Capital. 

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