Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI Platforms

How & Why They're Critical to Today's Marketing Team

cover-why-DS-ML-AI-PlatformsMarketing teams often have no shortage of business questions and ideas for AI automation, but often have trouble executing. The answer? Collaboration with data scientists and other data experts. 

This collaboration can happen through data science, machine learning, and AI platforms. In this white paper, learn about:

1. An overview of the state of the market today.

2. Why companies need data platforms.

3. Why good hiring and open source alone can't fill the gap.

4. Key features to look for in data platform technology.

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About the Author

Lynn Heidmann
Marketing Content Director | Dataiku

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Mass Communications and Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008, Lynn Heidmann decided to bring her passion for research and writing into the world of tech. She spent six years in the San Francisco Bay Area writing and running operations with Google and subsequently Niantic before moving to Paris to become Marketing Content Director at Dataiku. In her current role, Lynn follows and writes about technological and regulatory trends and developments in the world of data.  

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Inside the White Paper

In their most basic form, data science, machine learning (ML), and AI platforms are tools to enable AI in marketing teams by allowing marketers as well as data experts to:


  • Use data to produce predictive analytics (or machine learning) solutions.
  • Scale by providing transparency and reproducibility throughout the team and within a project.
  • Access all data and work together on data projects in a central location (i.e., collaboration and governance).

Ultimately, data science, ML, and AI platforms are about time. That means time savings in all parts of the processes (from connecting to data to building ML models to deployment), of course. But it’s also about easing the burden of getting started in AI and allowing marketing teams to dive in and get started now - not waiting for years until technologies sure up and the world of AI becomes more clear (because spoiler alert: that may never happen).

Getting started on the AI journey is intimidating, but this white paper will break down how data science and ML platforms can ease that burden and provide a framework that allow marketing teams to learn as they go.

Why DS, ML, and AI Platforms - without cover

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The reality is that in the age of AI, marketing teams of any size can’t afford to work without a data science, machine learning, or AI platform that enables and elevates not just their capabilities, but the entire company to the highest level of data competence for the greatest possible impact.


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