Banana Data is a data science podcast hosted by Dataiku with a goal to demystify and democratize all things within the data science and AI ecosystem. Christopher Peter Makris and Corey Strausman navigate through topics ranging from scaling Enterprise AI processes to making sense of AI journalism and developing AI models through a responsible and ethical lens. 

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Welcome to Season 6!

All About AI 

In season 6 of the Banana Data Podcast, Christopher and Corey are looking to tackle big questions around all things AI. Have you ever wondered about the role of AI in health or in our everyday lives? Or maybe you’re trying to break into the data science industry and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re interested in AI in retail optimization or video games. This upcoming Season 6 of the Banana Data Podcast will cover all this and more.


Meet Your Hosts:


Christopher Peter Makris

Data Science Manager

With a background in Logic, Discrete Mathematics, & Statistics, Christopher Peter Makris (CPM) brings experience from both industry and academia. CPM most recently helped thwart cybercrime as the Director of Security Data Science at Empower Retirement. CPM previously stood as Director of Data Science at the NYC Data Science Academy.


Corey Strausman

Community Manager

Corey Strausman has been here at Dataiku for almost three years and is warmly referred to as the “Mayor of Dataiku.” He  is the Community Manager overseeing the Dataiku Community. An action-oriented problem-solver with a keen eye for details, he has a strong desire to build communities. His background is primarily in community management. Corey uses his role on the Banana Data Podcast to learn about the technical ins and outs of all things AI. 

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