Upcoming Webinar: Production Analytics and Data Science with Dataiku

Imagine if you and your team spent months putting together a powerful analytics or data science model with great insights but nobody ever used the dashboards or automated decisions with it. Demoralizing? Yes.

Getting the most impact from all your work means deploying these prototypes in production -- which means putting them in an environment where people and programs can use them simply and confidently.

Here at Dataiku, we often have conversations about production. Two questions we often encounter are: What exactly do you mean by production? and How exactly does Dataiku enable production?

Join Dataiku for a webinar on August 10 at 11:00 am EDT that will offer an overview of production analytics as well as a high-level demo of Dataiku's production approach and features.

1. How to define production, for companies of all sizes.

Why is production important? What does it mean? Who does what?

2. Which type of production architecture to use, specifically, batch vs. real-time.

We'll talk about what batch production is, what real-time production is, and explore some use cases for each. We'll also discuss the technology and architectures used to do both of them.

3. How does Dataiku do production?

Here, we'll show you all the automation and monitoring features used in Dataiku, as well as explain why we make these features available in the design node for our production users.