Upcoming Webinar: Practical Steps to complying with the gDPR Regulation

The GDPR brings about several major challenges that businesses will need to address before the enforcement deadline. The most daunting of these challenges surround data governance, organizational structure, and crossteam collaboration.

Join Dataiku and GoDataDriven for a webinar on November 29th (at 11:00 GMT+1 Amsterdam/Paris Time) that will explore the road to GDPR compliance:

1. GDPR: A brief reminder
What is the GDPR? How will it affect your business

2. 5 challenges that need to be addressed and how to answer them

  • Audit data processes: Businesses should start by inspecting how data is stored and used. What data is kept? For how long? How is that data used? 
  • Prepare to communicate: GDPR requires communication on how an individual’s data will be used, so companies should think about how they will communicate that information in an easy-to-digest format.
  • Prepare for individual rights: Individuals can request access to their data and even can request that their data be deleted, which means companies need to prepare a standard process for that request.
  • Revise privacy notices: GDPR requires a specific format for privacy notices
  • Analyse risk and security: Companies should understand where any possible security breaches could take place when it comes to individual data. 

3. GDPR Opportunities

4. How to get going with Dataiku DSS and GoDataDriven