Upcoming Webinar: Practical Steps to Executing Churn Prediction 

Most marketing and sales departments understand that advanced analytics can help detect, anticipate, and mitigate customer churn, but the steps to actually accurately predicting churn are often unclear. End-to-end, from raw data to production, how can a sales/marketing department deploy a churn prediction model?

Join Dataiku and Keyrus for a webinar on July 19 at 11:30 am BST that will break down a few use cases of advanced analytics for churn prediction:

1. How to build and deploy a churn management system, including real-life examples from digital services and energy companies.

From real-time metrics that help customer service agents adapt their message on the fly to batch predictions that drive personnalized marketing campaigns, we'll go through two client uses cases to explore how Dataiku helps companies address the risk of attrition.

2. How to predict churn with open source technologies, a specific focus by Keyrus.

We'll look at how a UK telecom provider is trying to reduce churn by aggregating customer information using open source technologies. In this live demo, you'll see how to extract, clean, and combine data to make predictions and deploy into production.