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Connect All Your Tools & Data Sources to create a 360° Customer Database (and Build From There)!

  • Segment your user database and push your audiences where you need them to deploy more targeted campaigns.
  • Monitor performance, optimize cost, and attribute leads to demonstrate the value of cross-channel marketing.
  • Predict churn and take action to prevent it via email automations, CRM, or website personalization.
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Data Transformation

From Data Cleaning to Enrichment

Connect to your data sources directly to spend time on generating insights (not on data prep) with over 90 visual recipes.

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Dashboards & Statistics

Share Insights with Everyone

Run statistical analysis in one click and build drag-and-drop dashboards to communicate insights.

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Build & Deploy ML Models

Whether building your first model or your hundredth, compare, deploy, monitor performance, and push your data where you need it.

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