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Systemizing the Use of Data + AI

Why “Collaboration” Alone Is No Longer Sufficient

Gone are the days where collaborative data science was the be-all and end-all of succeeding with data and AI at scale. 

In this ebook, we examine the metamorphosis of the concept over time to reveal that, while it's still important, it’s not the whole picture. Then, we illustrate (through five key reasons) why organizations need to move beyond collaboration to achieve full systemization of data and AI, making it everyday behavior for everyone.

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Data Science Collaboration Is a Springboard for Systemization

This Ebook Highlights:

  • What collaborative data science means (i.e., coordination across the entire data science workflow, for starters) and who (and what) gets neglected with this perspective

  • Why the conversation needs to move away from collaborative data science to full systemization of data and AI across the enterprise

  • Five powerful reasons collaboration at just the data science level isn’t enough (and proof points that Dataiku is the only platform that systemizes the use of data and AI)