What Exactly Is Self-Service Analytics

& How Is the Rise of AI Changing the Game?

Contrary to popular belief, self-service analytics done right consists of much more than just pulling numbers from dashboards.

In order to actually drive value between the data team and the data self-servers out in the business, teams need to align on the intricacies of the end-to-end self-service program from the start. That way, they ensure the initiative is actually meaningful and value-generating for the business. 

3D Cover Building Self-Service Analytics in the Age of AI

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Is Self-Service Analytics Here to Stay?

Discover Why It's a Resounding Yes

For those working with data, running into roadblocks because of siloed data is frustrating and, not to mention, has a tangible cost. Think lost time, incomplete data projects, incorrect models, and more. This ebook takes a deeper look at how all of this is relevant in the context of self-service analytics and how critical adopting a culture of data sharing is.