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RFP Template for ML and AI Tools

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Whether you’re a small team of data scientists or a large organization trying to make data analysis accessible even to those in non-technical roles, the tool you choose will help define how you work with data now and in the future. The balance you strike between addressing your immediate needs versus anticipating your future requirements will play a big role in creating demonstrable, sustainable value.

3D Cover RFP Requirements

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Save Time With This RFP Template for Data Analytics

This Guidebook Includes:

  • An introduction and overview of the contents in the RFP template

  • A template for a predictive analytics and machine learning RFP, in the format of an Excel spreadsheet, which is comprised of

  • A short Vendor Profile section, in order to collect vital information about potential vendors, and

  • An extensive Analytics RFP section, with detailed questions that can be customized according to your organization's needs