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What is the average organization spending on AI? In what areas and for what use cases? What ROI are people and teams seeing? And what percent of AI projects still fail? This IDC InfoBrief has the answers to all these questions (and more).

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Research for the IDC InfoBrief Conducted By:

 Headshot of Ritu Jyoti, Group VP Worldwide AI and Automation Research at IDCRitu Jyoti

Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice, Global AI Research Lead, IDC

Ritu Jyoti is group vice president, covering worldwide artificial intelligence and automation research with IDC’s Software Market Research and Advisory practice. Ritu is responsible for leading the development of IDC’s thought leadership for AI research and managing the research team. Her research focuses on the state of enterprise AI efforts and global market trends for the rapidly evolving AI and machine learning innovations and ecosystem. She also leads insightful research that addresses the needs of AI technology vendors and provides actionable guidance on how to crisply articulate their value proposition, differentiate, and thrive in the digital era.


Headshot of Raghunandan Kuppuswamy, IDC Research

Raghunandhan Kubbuswamy

Research Manager, Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice, IDC

Raghunandhan Kuppuswamy is a research manager within the Artificial Intelligence and Automation research practice. His core research covers innovative AI applications and solutions across industries and business processes. He collaborates with the tracker team to develop TAM for these rapidly expanding market segments.