Rabobank's Data Journey, Revealed

How the Company Successfully Increased Their Digital & AI Maturity

In the past year and a half, Rabobank has completed more than 100 AI projects and has reduced time to onboard data team members — in particular data scientists — from months to weeks. This ebook tells the story of how they got there.


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About the Contributors

Roel Dirks & Martin Leijen

roel-dirksAs the Product Manager of the Big Data Lab at Rabobank, Roel Dirks makes sure that the company keeps developing its advanced analytics platform and architecture (on premise and in the cloud). 

martin-leijenAs Business Architect Data Wholesale & Rural at Rabobank, Martin Leijen's goal is to support business/IT in different regions, designing and planning their alignment with the Enterprise Data Architecture. 

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Execution & Innovation

Uncover Rabobank's Approach to:

  • Organizational structure

  • Tackling a wide range of use cases

  • Their "Analytics Way Of Working" for successful use cases

  • Education and upskilling of staff

  • Technology