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Proof of Concept connects individuals who want to learn, grow, and upskill themselves in the field of data science and machine learning. 

We have handpicked some real-life use cases and commonly asked questions from the field that will help you be successful in your data initiatives, inspire, and educate people around you.

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Recap of Season 1!

In Search of a New Year’s Resolution? Check Out Proof of Concept!

It's been six months since we launched Proof Of Concept podcast as a place for our team to share interesting and unique data science knowledge with our viewers from all backgrounds and skill sets who interact with or use data everyday. 

We will return in 2022 with new and interesting episodes around AI and data science. Watch out for updates by subscribing to this page. 

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The Speakers


Grant Case

RVP Sales Engineering

Grant Case is Sales Engineering Director with Dataiku since 2019. Both in this and in his previous role as an Analytic Sales Engineer, he has spent time with 100+ companies understanding and architecting solutions for both business analytics and data science platforms. In addition to this Grant is a lecturer at Columbia University.


Alex Hubert

RVP Sales Engineering

Alex Hubert is RVP Sales Engineering at Dataiku since 2020. Prior to this he was heading data science team for the first three years in the European region. Alex (Msc Financial markets / Derivatives) had worked on several bank use cases as loan delinquency for leasing & refactoring institutions but also marketing use cases for retailers.

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