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Ineffective Maintenance Management Leads to $60 Billion Lost Annually



Enterprises with substantial capital investments recognize the essential role of predictive maintenance in analyzing data to identify operational irregularities and potential equipment breakdowns. This transformation in equipment maintenance cost management is seamlessly facilitated by Dataiku, ensuring a powerful integration of predictive maintenance strategies for optimal operational efficiency.

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The Recipe for Success

Predictive maintenance is an indispensable solution for businesses with capital-intensive assets, offering an impactful shift in how equipment maintenance costs are managed. Knowing how to approach and tackle predictive maintenance is paramount.


Choose Your Use Case

Identify a targeted use case that proactively addresses your unique maintenance challenges, maximizing operational efficiency.

Understand Diverse Data Sourcing

The major advantage of predictive maintenance is the ability to combine data from a large variety of sources for the most accurate predictions.

Build a Flexible Strategy

Craft a predictive maintenance strategy that fits your organization’s data and objectives the best. 


Set Up for Continuous Opportunity

Tailor mechanisms such as secondary analytics and self-maintenance for a system that is future-focused and will create long-term impact. 

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