Practical Deep Learning

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This Preview Edition of Practical Deep Learning for Cloud and Mobile, Chapters 2 and 3, is a work in progress. The final book is currently scheduled for release in October 2019.

In the meantime, get your hands dirty with Keras and transfer learning. This ebook walks through:


- Image classification with Keras

- Including an introduction + Keras in practice

- Transfer learning in 30 lines with Keras

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Your Path to Enterprise AI

How does a data scientist go from creating and managing a few models to the hundreds (or thousands) required in an Enterprise AI world? One word: efficiency.


As professional data scientists, you know what tools and technologies work best for what you are trying to accomplish, from prototyping ML-based pipelines to deploying scalable AI services across the enterprise. You also know where you don’t want to waste time. Think data access, data pre-processing, feature engineering, or model training and testing. 

That’s why Dataiku’s transparent work environment is designed to bring flexibility to every step of the process, from raw data to automated service.


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Get a glimpse of the deep learning universe using Keras plus an introduction to the concept of transfer learning in this practical guide to deep learning from O'Reilly, brought to you by Dataiku.

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