Enabling AI Services Through
Operationalization + Self-Service Analytics

 Access the white paper for a look at how today's top data-driven companies scale their advanced analytics & machine learning efforts.



Keys to a Data-Powered Business

Transformation into a data-driven company doesn’t simply mean slapping data on top of existing processes; it involves fundamental organizational change, weaving data into the fabric of the company. 

Ultimately, this shift requires two things: operationalization combined with self-service analytics. In fact, it is the interplay and balance between the two that makes a successful data-powered company that executes on all initiatives to its fullest potential.


 In this white paper, you'll find:

  • In-depth definitions on what constitutes operationalization and self-service analytics (+ why they matter).
  • How the two initiatives support each other.
  • Top pitfalls to avoid for companies trying to implement self-service analytics and operationalization.
  • Keys to execution, including specific steps and processes.
  • Case studies on optimal organizational structure to support these initiatives.