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Architecture Strategy for Scaling AI

Approaching the Creation of a Modern Data Architecture Framework

From incorporating the modern data stack to defining IT's role and evaluating business objectives, building a data framework for an organization is a complex and unique process for every organization.

In this ebook, we present you with three key recommendations that will help teams determine and build the data architecture that’s right for them as well as for their entire organizations. 

3D Cover 3 Keys to Data Architecture fit for scaling AI

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Sustainable Data Architecture Is Key for Organizational Longevity

In This Ebook:

  • A helpful and concise refresher of the modern data stack as well as a rundown of the data mesh concept

  • An analysis of the various approaches to AI application available to data practitioners with the end goal of efficient and fully integrated data pipelines for the organization

  • An outlook on modern data architecture from an organizational perspective — with a clear focus on meeting business objectives and extracting real value