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Dataiku’s pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates can help you put such AI systems in place quickly to uplevel your overall AI maturity. From production quality control to electricity forecasting and more, Dataiku will help you augment all aspects of your manufacturing processes with AI. 

“Companies were previously focused on use cases that require a huge amount of data and very complex workflows that couldn’t be solved any other way. Now, it’s basically you helping workers do their jobs better, through a much simpler user interface.” 

— Michael Ryba
Partner, Boston Consulting Group

“Dataiku is a very powerful tool. It makes data and AI part of the everyday decision making process. It allows us to incorporate machine learning algorithms and AI quickly into our tools that we deploy with our customers.”

– Kari Anne H. Kjolaas-Holland
Director, Digital Operations Solutions at SLB

“Dataiku is a full solution, helping us build a purpose-driven data practice in the modern era.”

– Dr. Michael Schuh
Chief Data Scientist at Oshkosh Engineering
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Prepare for the Future of Manufacturing by Ensuring a Top Position in the Industry — This Report Highlights Up-and-Coming AI Opportunities

AI will decrease the number of workers in factories, right?

Wrong. Manufacturing firms are focused on cutting costs, not jobs.

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Manufacturing produces the most data of any industry

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Other pressures driving AI adoption in manufacturing include increasing accessibility and automating processes.
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