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Only 7% of Healthcare Data Is Used in the Industry



Good news: Dataiku’s pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates can help you make the most of your healthcare data. By accelerating complex processes and enhancing operational efficiency, Dataiku will help you elevate all parts of the business with AI, including Generative AI.

“Dataiku has been a huge part of the analytic democratization process that we use. It’s really supercharged us.”

– Debbie Reynolds
Vice President, Enterprise Data Solutions & Engineering at Pfizer

“Dataiku was for us the best overall ROI because of the skills that were required to use it. We didn't need an DevOps engineer or data scientist and similar skillsets.”

– Mike Hoyt
SVP of Technology and Business Process at Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care

"Wherever we have imaging or a complex workflow, or we have a large amount of unstructured data, we are seeing significant dividends."

– Shah Nawaz
CTO & VP of Digital Transformation at Regeneron
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Build Momentum for Smarter AI

Prepare for the Future of Healthcare by Ensuring a Top Position in the Industry — This Report Highlights Up-and-Coming AI Opportunities

97% of healthcare data is not being used

ML models and AI systems can use data more effectively, improving the quality and effectiveness of drugs and healthcare in general.

Will patients loose control of their data?

Privacy policies protect data from misuse, but limit data usage. Learn how to free up patient data by respecting compliance principles.

How Will AI Impact R&D

Accelerating innovation, speeding up the cycle of drug development, are two of many benefits of AI.

AI will take over healthcare jobs, right?

Wrong. AI has the potential to augment medical professionals’ work, removing onerous and tedious tasks.


These large quantities of data are a blessing and a curse. Pharma firms first need to aquire the right consents and permissions from the patient before operationalizing the data and ensuring it is of high quality.

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