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marketing-ai-for-dummies-coverData science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) have changed the nature of marketing, and companies as a whole (as well as marketers) need to understand these tools so they won’t be left in the dust by well-executed AI marketing projects from competitors.

This book explains why this revolution is happening today and gives you information on key AI and machine learning topics.

About the Author

Luca Massaron
Data Scientist & Author

Luca Massaron is a data scientist and a research director specialized in multivariate statistical analysis, machine learning, and customer insight with over 15 years of experience in solving real world problems and in generating value for stakeholders by applying reasoning, statistics, data mining and algorithms.

From being a pioneer of web audience analysis in Italy to achieving the worldwide rank of top ten data scientist at competitions held by, he has always been passionate about everything regarding data and analysis and about demonstrating the potentiality of data-driven knowledge discovery to both experts and non-experts. He is the author of books on data science, machine learning, deep learning, and AI. He is also a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.

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What's Inside

The Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI) ebook includes all of the following and more to help you as a marketing leader move into the age of AI:


  • Shift from heuristics to AI-based solutions
  • Get a clear idea of key AI concepts
  • Understand the use cases
    for AI in marketing
  • Get started with a marketing
    project using AI
  • Avoid common pitfalls in your AI project
  • Read success stories from marketing teams
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