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Dataiku’s pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates can help you achieve results by upleveling your overall AI maturity. From predictive maintenance to delivery dock optimization and more, Dataiku will help you augment all aspects of your manufacturing processes with AI. 

“Companies were previously focused on use cases that require a huge amount of data and very complex workflows that couldn’t be solved any other way. Now, it’s basically you helping workers do their jobs better, through a much simpler user interface.” 

— Michael Ryba
Partner, Boston Consulting Group

“Dataiku is a very powerful tool. It makes data and AI part of the everyday decision making process. It allows us to incorporate machine learning algorithms and AI quickly into our tools that we deploy with our customers.”

– Kari Anne H. Kjolaas-Holland
Director, Digital Operations Solutions at SLB

“Dataiku is a full solution, helping us build a purpose-driven data practice in the modern era.”

– Dr. Michael Schuh
Chief Data Scientist at Oshkosh Engineering

“With Dataiku we are able to have one single place to wrangle data and train machine learning models in, as well as utilizing the built-in tools for development, orchestration, and machine learning, which helps our team deliver more impact on strategic company goals such as achieving cost efficiency and minimizing loss in operations.”

– Avdhesh Babu
Senior Manager, Data Science & Analytics at JK Lakshmi Cement
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Unlock the Potential of AI in Manufacturing

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Increased click-through rates, number of planned test drives, and completed car configurations. 


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