Dataiku Data Sheet

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Learn How Dataiku Transforms Outcomes

Dataiku is the end-to-end platform for Everyday AI that enables teams to work together to build data into their daily operations, from advanced analytics to Generative AI.

With this interactive data sheet, you'll walk through the key benefits and features of Dataiku.


Discover the Interactive Data Sheet

Explore Key Benefits and Features

With Dataiku, Your Organization Can:

  • Empower people across your business to do more with data and AI, build projects faster, and work together, all in a shared and safe environment.

  • Build real and safe Generative AI applications at scale with Dataiku’s LLM Mesh, and AI-Powered Assistants.

  • Build and maintain data and AI projects throughout their entire lifecycle with a visual lineage of where the data comes from, how it is transformed, and where it goes - all while building and deploying AI with governance and control.