In the not-so-distant future, AI will extend its reach across all types of businesses, and the insurance industry is no exception. But how can these organisations go about taking advantage of new AI technologies to improve customer knowledge?
Come on March 28th at 8:30 a.m. to explore how the insurance industry can leverage the power of AI and ML specifically for marketing purposes; topics include:
  • What a Machine Learning roadmap looks like for the insurance industry
  • Potential challenges on the road to advanced analytics
  • Tools to use on the journey to AI (plus how to properly evaluate those tools)


Nirali Patel, Chief Data Officer at AXA PPP, will present some of the advanced analytics initiatives she's leading as well as some skills, resources, and data challenge lessons along the way. 

Jay Liu, Chief Data Scientist at Digital-Dandelion, will share his insights on what customer AI means exactly in the context of insurance.  

Adrien Verny, Lead Data Scientist at Digital-Dandelion, will share his personal anecdotes from the centre of his AI-marketing transformation projects.


  • 8:30 Welcome Breakfast
  • 9:00 "Advanced Analytics at AXA PPP: challenges and initiatives" by Nirali Patel, AXA PPP
  • 9:30 " How to Implement an AI-Led Marketing Platform for Insurance " by Jay Liu, Digital-Dandelion
  • 9:50 " From Theory to Practice: Key Learnings for a Successful Marketing AI Strategy " by Adrian Verny, Digital-Dandelion
  • 10:10 Demo and Q/A

This event is for executives in data, analytics, BI, business, and IT.

We kindly request you register in advance; space is limited, and entry may be limited to those who have signed up.