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In November 2023, Dataiku commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of Generative AI at large organizations. Our survey of 220 AI decision makers found that organizations are ready to roll out Generative AI but are not well-equipped to effectively scale. Dataiku is helping insurance companies worldwide bring an AI-powered edge to all parts of the business, orchestrating the rollout of new technologies for ever more use cases.

"The most beneficial thing about Dataiku is having everything in one place, so you don’t have to go from one program to another to another and have them work all at the same time. Dataiku takes away that hassle."

Ayca Kandur
Data Scientist @ Aviva

"Although we say we are a center of excellence, a lot of our work is done side-by-side with line-of-business teams to make sure we’re not in an ivory tower — that we’re working on things that matter and projects that matter.”

Tom Spencer,
Head of Customer Data Science @ Aviva

"Dataiku gives us the capability of trying to automate processes and take them out of Excel so we have more time to provide insights and value to our business. We also have the capability of being able to use more data than we've ever been able to use before to enhance some of these analytics."

Tom Spencer,
Head of Customer Data Science @ Aviva
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Optimize Insurance Processes With Generative AI

Calling All Insurance Organizations: Follow the Path to Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Today

The 2 Tiers of Generative AI Applications

Moonshots vs mundane: Will you create new capabilities or augment existing ones? 

Connect Generative AI to your enterprise systems

Generative AI becomes even more valuable to companies when combined with other organizational assets.

What are the 3 pillars to scale Generative AI?

Democratization, acceleration, and trust: Learn more about each in this flipbook. 

Automate contract intelligence With Generative AI

Read an example of how organizations can use an LLM to automate the extraction of important contract clauses.


Chatbots are nice, but they are not the only goal. At scale, Generative AI is about building human-like intelligence into thousands of processes and decisions throughout your business.

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