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GE Aviation: A Data Revolution

From Silos to Self-Service

GE Aviation has implemented their own version of a self-service system that serves their specific needs and requirements and allows them to use real-time data at scale to make better and faster decisions throughout the organization. 

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About the Authors

Somesh Saxena & Jon Tudor

Somesh Saxena, Product Owner of Dataiku and Alation, manages a team of full-stack data engineers and helps lead the Self-Service Data Program. Somesh supports a community of over 1,800 self-service developers building digital products to make data-driven decisions, and he has trained over 700 employees through the Digital Data Analyst training, which teaches digital tools, data science, and process excellence. Somesh is front and center of the digital cultural transformation at General Electric Aviation.

Jon Tudor, Sr. Manager Self-Service Data and Analytics, has been at General Electric Aviation for 10 years, including 13 different roles spanning networking, project management, compliance, cloud automation, data architecture, ingestion, engineering, and self-service. Starting in data and analytics in 2014 at the inception of GE Aviation’s data lake, he founded the Self-Service Data Program in late 2016 with the implementation of Dataiku and Alation and has since established a team and continued to grow the program, including global training, a support network across all business divisions, and six innovative products that enable over 1,800 users to create their own data and analytics solutions.

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GE Aviation's Self-service System

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  • How GE Aviation developed a Self-Service Data program using Dataiku DSS and a suite of tools that unlocks employees’ ability to use data to get insights quickly.
  • The technological stack and organizational setup at GE Aviation that enable these systems.
  • The lifecycle of a data product at GE Aviation.
  • How GE Aviation handles data governance and data education (including suggestions for employee onboarding material for a self-service data system).
  • The return on investment (ROI) GE Aviation has seen from their data initiatives.