From Small to Big Data, 
Adopting the Advanced Analytics Mindset 

When Size Really Does Matter 


Bring the Power of Big Data To Your Job

Time for Analysts Everywhere to Take Data to the Next Level!

Big data technology and tools make it possible today for anyone in the company who needs it to have access to information and get insights from their data at lightening speed. No need to be constrained by the busy timetable of data engineers and data analysts to get access to data and dig in.

For analysts, or any of us non-data scientist or -data engineer people,  the question remains: how do I make the transition and bring the power of big data analytics into my day-to-day work?

Going from small to big data requires understanding the new mindset. In nine steps, this guide book can help you with that.



What you'll find in this guidebook: What going big data really means -- in mindset and in practice
  • How your workflow and processes must evolve when going big
  • Concrete Excel jobs and their equivalent in the world of big data

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