The Forrester Wave™: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions, Q3 2018

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See why Dataiku was named a strong performer and  is becoming the “multimodal force majeure” among predictive analytics & ML platforms.

And read on for more reasons why data-powered enterprises choose Dataiku.



A Shortcut to ML/AI Deployment & Management

Build, manage, and update models from one location, integrating with an API without having to modify or inject anything into existing applications. Plus, prevent model drift with the ability to easily monitor performance and quickly make necessary adjustments.


A Centralized, Controlled Environment

With the ability to connect to existing data storage systems and leverage plugins/connectors as well as data governance features, Dataiku means consistency and security in a central hub regardless of changes in underlying systems or staff.


A Common Ground for Data Experts and Explorers Alike

Enablement of people (regardless of who they are - technical or non-coders, data scientists or analysts) gives teams the resources to work faster and smarter for a more data-driven organization overall.


The Catalyst for a Data-Powered Company

Dataiku removes unnecessary steps and keeps a repository of best practices. Easier data wrangling, mining, visualization of workflows, and deployment of those workflows to a production environment means moving faster. Moving faster means more opportunity for business-impacting models plus more time for creative data solutions rather than getting stuck in mining/plumbing stages.