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Accelerate Generative AI Development

Take a Platform Approach to Implement & Scale Generative AI

This Forrester Opportunity Snapshot — a custom study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dataiku — is based on a survey of 220 AI decision makers at large companies in North America. 

We know organizations are ready to roll out Generative AI (83% of AI leaders are already exploring or experimenting with it), but how can they navigate challenges around infrastructure, architecture, and governance? What’s the path of least resistance to reducing implementation hurdles? Find out in the full study. 

Avoid Generative AI Roadblocks

100% of AI Leaders Rate Gen AI as Important to Their Organization’s Business Strategy in the Next 12 Months

The survey revealed unanimous agreement that Generative AI is either critically, highly, or moderately important to organizations’ business strategies in the next year (and 97% of respondents rate it as important in the next 24 months). This Opportunity Snapshot highlights a clear pathway for organizations to mitigate implementation obstacles and safely propel from Generative AI theory to practice.

“The adoption risks that organizations face are not new in the realm of AI. However, they are amplified as organizations lack the prerequisites for successful GenAI implementation. Achieving an ethically sound and operationally efficient implementation poses a challenge, but adopting a platform approach holds the promise of alleviating common hurdles organizations face today.” 

— Forrester Consulting Research Team
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Unleash the Power of Generative AI With Confidence

Sail Smoothly Through the Implementation Seas With a Collaborative AI Platform

Ride the Generative AI Wave & Move From Theory to Practice

71% of respondents expect Generative AI implementation to augment their internal processes and systems over the next two years. How can teams reach this ideal future state?

Then, Ready to Scale? Unveiling the Urgency for Robust Platforms

The urgency and business criticality of Generative AI demand a robust, scalable platform approach to alleviate many of the challenges organizations face today. 

Identify Strategic Pathways Amidst Implementation Hurdles

AI adoption risks are not new, but they are amplified with Generative AI. How can they navigate data infrastructure barriers, along with governance and risk concerns?

64% of Organizations Are Using Generative AI to Enhance Customer Experiences

Discover the breadth of applications that can benefit from Generative AI, including what’s front of mind for AI leaders now and in the next two years. 

Generative AI in the next 12 months

Scale Generative AI's Transformative Potential