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Generative AI: Now Is the Time.

How to Build & Scale Your Generative AI Strategy

To succeed with Generative AI, you need a strategy that will both turn use cases into reality (quickly) and safeguard against risk. Data leaders and executives: build an action plan for how to do both — today.

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The Generative AI Hype is Real

Over 60% of Data Leaders Say They Are "Likely" or "Very Likely" to Use Generative AI in the Next Year

Given the amount of attention that Generative AI has been receiving in the popular and business media, executives are rightly wondering whether this is yet another technology hype cycle that will fizzle in the coming months. 

It is not.

A June 2023 survey by Dataiku and Databricks of 400 data executives worldwide revealed that 25% of organizations are "very likely" planning to use Generative AI technology for their business in the coming year, with another 39% saying it is "likely."

Companies that succeed in harnessing these technologies and putting them to work will enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage in their markets.

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Put Generative AI to Work

Combine Generative AI With Organizational Assets

Generative AI becomes even more valuable to companies when combined with other organizational assets — i.e., connected to enterprise systems in a way that is safe and reliable.

More specifically, Generative AI needs to be combined with enterprise data, improved prompting, predictive models (or "classic machine learning models), and finally, human validation and feedback.

Pathways to Enterprise-Grade Generative AI at Scale

The 4 Main Approaches to Scalable Generative AI

Services: Outsourcing the development and deployment of the AI capabilities to a consulting or systems integration services provider.

Point Solutions: Purchasing dedicated, AI-powered point solutions to augment individual operations and processes throughout the organization.

Do-it-Yourself: Developing the internal AI and software development capabilities to build custom solutions throughout the organization.

Platform: Investing in an AI development platform, like Dataiku, to empower teams to build AI into their operations throughout the organization.

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