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Toward Data
Science At Scale

New York
November 15th

As artificial intelligence (AI) moves from becoming a headline to an impending reality for enterprises across the globe, businesses in all industries are trying to understand exactly how - and when - to dive in. And that's what November 15th is all about: bringing the pioneers, the leaders, the actors, thinkers, and doers of enterprise AI together to share how they have or how they plan to take the plunge into the data-driven era of Intelligent Business. 

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Companies have all the right tools to keep up and to succeed (people, data, technologies), yet many still struggle to evolve. How can businesses make the leap to a data-driven culture while still hitting corporate targets? How can they balance the risks of working with new technologies on cutting-edge data projects with its opportunities?

The EGG Conference Series works to solve some of these major questions by bringing together the people and organizations who have already been there and done it.

EGG2018 is committed to providing attendees with practical insight to bring back to their larger teams and concrete steps to move forward along their data journey to enterprise AI.


Come with questions, Leave with Actionable Solutions


Network with Like-Minded Peers & thought-leaders


Be the 1st to hear about trending technologies

Experience Fun, Friends, Food, & Many More surprises

Ashok Kumar

Director of Business Intelligence

@Avis Budget Group

Mihaela Nistor

Head of Enterprise Risk Management


Somesh Saxena

Technical Product Manager

@GE Aviation

Yael Elmated

Lead Data Scientist


Michael Xiao

Divisional Vice President, Enterprise Analytics

@Blue Cross Blue Shield

Nicholas Bignell


@UBS Investment Bank

Alla Kramskaia

Senior VP - Leader of Risk

@Dun & Bradstreet

Mariem Ayadi

Data Scientist

@Credit Suisse

John Calhoun

Solutions Architect


Maryam Jahanshahi

Research Scientist


Renzo Comolli

Senior Expert, Risk Practice

@McKinsey & Company

Andrew Marchese

Data Scientist

@Plated, Albertson’s Group

Shailesh Doshi

Senior Data Engineer

@Pivotal Software

Julio Farfan

Analytics & Optimization Leader


Perry Beaumont, PhD

Head of Data Science and Actuary Science

@The Distinguished Programs Group

Scott Breitenother

Former VP of Data and Analytics

@Formerly at Casper

Steve Touw



Kenny Ning

Data Engineer


Andrew Conklin

Director of Technology

@Origent Data Sciences, Inc

Aziz Lookman

Chief Analytics Officer

@Rational AI

Vinay Seth Mohta

Managing Director


Hussain Sultan

Co-Founder and Partner, ML and Data Science

@Full Spectrum Analytics

Jeff Parker

Data Scientist and Advanced Researcher



EGG2018 brings together leaders in analytics, data science, and machine learning for a day-long exploration of what it takes to transform organizations around analytics so they can move faster at scale for the long term.

  • 8:30 Welcome
  • 10:00 Keynotes & Thought Leadership Talks by the leaders of the Analytics, Data Science, and AI space.
  • 10:45 Break
  • 11:00 Keynotes & Thought Leadership Talks continued
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 1:00 Technical Track: The Nitty Gritty: What Tools, Techniques, and Architectures are Paving the Way to Enterprise AI?
    1:00 Business Track: Deriving Business Value from AI Initiatives: What is Being Built, by Who, and for What?
  • 3:30 Break
    3:30 Break
  • 4:00 Technical Talks continued
    4:00 Business Talks continued
  • 1:00 Part 1: Data science applied, how to upgrade your data science game


    1:00 Part 1: data analytics structured, how to set up your data science organization
  • 3:30 Break
  • 4:00 Technical Talks continued.


    4:00 Business Talks continued
  • Drinks
  • Drinks
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