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AI: From Cost to Revenue

Making AI Work

For an Enterprise AI strategy to be truly sustainable, one must consider the economics: not just gains, but cost. This ebook unpacks those costs and how to control them.

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Optimizing Data Projects

From Cost to Revenue Center

Organizations that can efficiently leverage data science and machine learning techniques to improve business operations and processes will get ahead of the competition, while those unable to shift will fall behind, perhaps swept away with the tide of rising costs and diminishing revenue. It's time to learn how to optimize data projects. 

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The True Cost of AI

This Ebook Will Delve Into:

  • The economics of AI: Why scalability isn’t simply a matter of more use cases.

  • The ongoing costs of Enterprise AI: What they are and why they exist.

  • Capitalization and reuse: How these techniques can be used to reduce costs and ultimately scale Enterprise AI efforts.

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