Dataiku Guidebook

Build an ML-Based Fraud Detection Program

to Administer Government Grants

When it comes to managing national health responses during times of crisis, some disaster payment measures are being introduced hastily and with inadequate fraud controls, which can have grave downstream compliance impacts. 

This step-by-step guidebook outlines simple interventions to shift the dial toward fraud reduction, optimally use government resources, and ensure the timely provision of support grants to those in need — as well as, practically, how to build the fraud detection model in Dataiku.

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For Legal, Policy, Risk, and Data Professionals

Uncover How to:

  • Tap into a broad base of workers (from program officers and policy analysts to legal advisors and risk officers) to fully leverage the power of data
  • Accelerate time to value when it comes to setting up an ML-based monitoring mechanism (plus, the detailed steps on how to do so using Dataiku’s code-free tools)
  • Work through the entire fraud detection model process, from defining the goal and cleaning the data to evaluating model performance