De-Risk Your AI Efforts

Execute on AI With Visibility & Control

When it comes to managing AI risk, organizations need to adhere to both internal policies and external standards and regulatory frameworks.

Lack of preparation for conforming to these requirements means considerable risk exposure, which could lead to pulled deployments, penalties, or PR backlash.

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How Can You Scale AI at the Speed of the Business?

This Ebook Reveals:

  • Helpful strategies to turn AI into a team sport where more value is created by more people

  • Insights to establishing an AI Governance framework 
  • 3 steps to (re)gain control over the proliferation of analytics and AI projects
  • A deep dive on approving for project deployment, a key ingredient of any MLOps strategy



Effective Scaling Starts With AI Governance

Find the Balance Between Control & Autonomy

Whether you are starting your AI journey with a handful of models or actively scaling your use of AI, this ebook contains helpful strategies and best practices to safely streamline AI efforts via operationalization and AI project governance. Plus, see how Dataiku helps relevant teams (i.e., project managers, analytics leaders, and risk managers) to unlock the value of AI quickly with sustainable control mechanisms, even when facing the pressure to scale quickly.