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Easily connect to existing infrastructure and use Dataiku to get instant insights from data. Interactive data cleaning and enrichment features as well as integrated advanced processors (not to mention fast visualization) make data wrangling a breeze.

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Dataiku offers the use of a visual UI or code to leverage the latest machine learning technologies. Plus, automated machine learning (AutoML) and deep learning are right at your fingertips. As soon as models are built and assessed, they are fully production ready.

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AI-Enabled Services

Deploy machine learning models to production in one click with Kubernetes or deploy as an API. Dataiku makes it smoother to fully operationalize AI  (including maintenance and monitoring) and integrate it with business processes. 

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Dataiku: For Every Industry,
Every Use Case, and Everyone

Dataiku allows businesses to massively scale AI efforts. Data scientists as well as analysts or business users across the following industries use Dataiku to power self-service analytics while also ensuring the operationalization of machine learning models in production:

  • Retail/CPG
  • E-commerce
  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Transportation
  • Public sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • ...and more! 
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Just a Few of Our Happy Customers

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Hear It from Them

"...[T]hе tооl hаs еnаblеd nоn-tесhnісаl busіnеss usеrs tо buіld thеіr оwn sustаіnаblе dаtа рrоduсts іn оur shаrеd dаtа lаkе еnvіrоnmеnt. It hаs рlаyеd а kеy rоlе іn оur dіgіtаl trаnsfоrmаtіоn."

Manufacturing Industry
Research Data Analyst

"Bеnеfіts hаvе іnсludеd multі-mіllіоn dоllаrs оf sаvіngs аnd dеmосrаtіzаtіоn оf dаtа аnd аnаlytісs асrоss thе busіnеss."

Finance Industry
Product Manager

"Very fast to set up and leverage quickly to deliver valuable data products. It has also been integral to organising a growing team into a central zone (for collaboration). "

Media Industry
Global Director of Data Science
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Dataiku was founded in 2013 and has grown exponentially since. In December 2018, Dataiku announced a $101 million Series C funding round led by ICONIQ Capital. Dataiku currently employs more than 550 people worldwide between offices in New York, Paris, London, Munich, Sydney, and Singapore.