Dataiku Guidebook

The How and Why of Deep Learning

Basics & Benefits

Deep learning returned to the headlines in 2016 when Google’s AlphaGo program crushed Lee Sedol, one of the highest-ranking Go players in the world. But what is it?

This guidebook unpacks some of its nuances and intricacies, including an in-depth but accessible explanation of deep learning and how it works (illustrated for non-technical readers).


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Dive Into the Mechanics Behind Neural Networks

The Guidebook Will Walk You Through:

  • An advanced definition of deep learning concepts, including neurons, neural networks, and gradient descent 

  • An in-depth look at the most popular type of neural networks, Convolutional Neural Networks — CNN (used for image detection)

  • Specific, real-life examples of deep learning in action and high-level use cases by industry