Dataiku Online for Startups

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Leverage all your data in one platform; Integrate your data sources, prepare data with visual recipes or code, leverage AutoML with the most popular machine learning libraries, or develop your own custom models - and automate your workflow so it runs smoothly.

Dataiku Online is available with Startup-pricing starting at 90% off!

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What You'll Get: Our Most Advanced Plan

Starting at $3 999  $399/ month

  • Upload local files, or connect to databases, cloud storage, and business applications
  • Dataiku, Python, Snowflake or Spark computing engines - AWS S3 or Snowflake data storage
  • 400GB of Cloud storage
  • Up to 10 users
  • 2 parallel activities (4 CPU and 32 GB of RAM) (increase possible)
  • Time based Automation

Is Your Startup Elligible?

The Dataiku Startup Program is Built to Help You Scale

If your company was created less than 2 years ago and has raised up to $5 million (or local equivalent), you may be eligible* to our Seed offer:  90% off in the first year, 50% in the second, and 25% ongoing.

If your company was created less than 5 years ago with fundraising up to 10 million, you may be eligible* to our Startup offer:  50% off in the first 2 years, and 25% ongoing.


* Eligibility might also be subject to other criteria (like VC funds, Incubator, Accelerator you partner with, overall limit on program seats, ..)

Introducing Dataiku Online

Analytics & Data Science at Your Fingertips


Connect to Your Existing Ecosystem

Connect to your current data storage technologies and tools to build a sustainable stack for the future.


Ready in 5 Minutes

Reduce time to benefit with an easy set up in just a few clicks.


Your End-to-End Platform

The power of Dataiku's full-cycle analytics platform - available as a service.


Flexible & Predictable

Start small and pay-as-you-grow.