Leverage your Data to make a difference

Our goal at Dataiku is to help people everywhere to work with their data to gain valuable and actionable insights. We want to make a difference for non profits with limited time and resources to easily access their data, get insights fast, and automate their work. 

Why Dataiku?

  • An enterprise data science software built for data teams to work on big data technologies
  • Production ready with advanced monitoring features and security- automate your work and gain time
  • Real-time collaboration, to save time on projects, and reuse and iterate on colleagues' work
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For coders and clickers

  • Native integration to open source data science technologies (R, Python, SQL, and Scala recipes, Jupyter notebooks, Hadoop, Spark etc.)- data scientists can work with their own tools, collaboratively. 
  •  Advanced code-free data preparation and machine learning processors, for anyone data-savvy in your organization to work on data.

How it Works

Fill out the form below to join our Non Profit Program and get:

  • A free license to the Enterprise version of Dataiku DSS (including collaboration features, big data connectors, insights and dashboards, and production and automation features)
  • Support when you need it, for technical issues or to help with your projects
  • Exclusive onboarding and training resources


Non-Profit Licenses are only granted to a selection of not-for-profit organizations. To qualify, you need to:

  • Be an officially recognized tax exempted organization
  • Not be a school or college (go to our Academic Program page), mutual organization, healthcare organization, or government agency
  • Not be an organization incorporated only around religious or political promotion




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