Dataiku Deepens Integration With Snowflake as Growing List of Mutual Customers Adopt Machine Learning

Dataiku's Elite Technology Partner status in Snowflake Partner Connect enables Snowflake customers to provision and deploy data science projects for fast, meaningful insights

NEW YORK - November 18, 2020 ––Today, Dataiku, one of the world’s leading Enterprise AI and machine learning platforms, expanded its strategic partnership with Snowflake, creator of the Data Cloud, as an Elite Technology Partner for Snowflake Partner Connect. Dataiku is one of a handful of Snowflake partners with Elite status, a reflection of the 50+ customers the two leaders serve jointly.


The Dataiku integration enables organizations to easily provision and deploy Dataiku’s data science platform from Snowflake Partner Connect, providing users immediate collaboration on data preparation, analysis, and machine learning, while leveraging Snowflake’s platform as the source of data and compute engine.


Together, Dataiku and Snowflake empower customers with synergic enterprise-ready AI solutions that simplify the creation, deployment, and optimization of data science projects and quickly deliver value for better business decision-making by eliminating data silos. Enterprises across industries, including organizations like DAZN, Novartis, and more, leverage the Dataiku integration with Snowflake to scale their data efforts using machine learning.


"Dataiku and Snowflake form the foundation of our analytics infrastructure, and it’s because of the strengths brought by each that we’re able to scale our data initiatives across the organization,” said Shaun Moate, VP Product of Applied Machine Learning & Analytics at DAZN. “The setup was quick, meaning faster-time-to-value, and now our data staff is 2.5x more productive in their work — the ROI is clear."


Users of Dataiku in Snowflake Partner Connect benefit from all data processing in Snowflake, as the data does not leave the platform, and Snowflake’s rapid performance. Additionally, customers’ defined data security and governance policies remain in Snowflake. With these new capabilities, organizations will be able to:


  • Seamlessly provision a Dataiku account from Snowflake’s platform;
  • Discover Dataiku DSS through a sample flow that runs from their Snowflake account;
  • Access tutorials and certifications in the Dataiku Academy and support from the Dataiku Community;
  • Easily connect to their own Snowflake data to start getting value in minutes; and
  • Leverage the power of Snowflake to perform data analysis.


This week, Dataiku was also featured as a global partner at the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit. The summit featured Dataiku experts in core track and industry-specific sessions as well as an executive interview with Benoit Dageville, Co-Founder & President of Product at Snowflake and Florian Douetteau, Co-founder and CEO at Dataiku discussing the role of data science and how organizations can adapt their technology to leverage data insights.


Benoit Dageville, Co-Founder and President of Products at Snowflake said, “In the past, legacy systems proliferated data silos and were not able to support concurrent workloads for data science, machine learning, and data warehousing. Today, data and its impact are evolving rapidly, and our customers must prepare for any scenario. Leveraging the Snowflake and Dataiku partnership, organizations can deploy our technology together, analyze their data in one place, and get the resources they need to adapt.”


“We want to provide customers with technology that bridges the gap between business leaders and technologists, enabling the best decisions from data, quickly and easily — a value we share with Snowflake,” said Dataiku CEO, Florian Douetteau. “By expanding our partnership to Snowflake Partner Connect, we’re reducing complexity for our customers and giving them the flexibility and accessibility needed to turn their data into immediate insights and action.”


To learn more about the joint value of Dataiku and Snowflake’s to provide a seamless, flexible, and scalable engine for data science and actionable insights, please visit this link.

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Dataiku is one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale. Hundreds of companies use Dataiku to underpin their essential business operations and ensure they stay relevant in a changing world, including models driving fraud detection, customer churn prevention, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and much more. Dataiku is built for companies looking to democratize AI across their organization, bringing agility and preparedness to the business through the use of data by everyone from analysts to data scientists.



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