Dataiku and kayrros announce partnership to foster agility and enriched insights with alternative data

By diversifying their external data sources to include alternative data, users can effectively bring new insights to their models with speed, scale, and agility

NEW YORK - June 23, 2020 --Today, Dataiku, one of the world’s leading Enterprise AI and machine learning platforms, and Kayrros, the global platform for asset observation analytics, announced a new partnership designed to enhance the insights available for decision-makers around the world. Now more than ever, enterprises are faced with a paradigm shift as Enterprise AI becomes a critical component of crisis recovery and business preparedness for the future. Together, Dataiku and Kayrros offer significant acceleration opportunities to organizations willing to reinforce their decision-making models with alternative data, ultimately resulting in better informed decisions and a competitive advantage. 


The partnership combines Kayrros's expertise in transforming alternative data — such as satellite imagery, geolocation data, and natural language processing signals — into high-value data points with Dataiku's end-to-end data science platform, which supports agility in data efforts — from design to production — through a collaborative and team-based user interface. Given the inherent complexities in implementing an alternative data strategy, it is important to note that the partnership underscores the importance of explainability and transparency in the realm of Enterprise AI in order to generate business value, not risk.


"The recent global health crisis has revealed the valuable opportunity that external data presents to enable faster reactions and hyper-agility and, in turn, more powerful insights," said Dataiku CEO, Florian Douetteau. "We were looking for the right partner to help bring the use of data a step further and we found that in Kayrros." 


Kayrros CEO Antoine Rostand said, "We're very confident that Dataiku is the right partner for Kayrros to advance its geospatial asset observation analytics technology as an essential tool for decision-makers in fast-paced environments. This partnership represents the huge potential that comes from cross-collaboration between teams and the ability to combine different sources of technology for new insights."


Kayrros's alternative data, combined with other data sources such as enterprise data, can offer key insights across a broad range of applications, including supply and demand forecasting in retail, CPG, and manufacturing; inventory and demand monitoring in the energy sector; alternative data in trading and portfolio management models in financial services; and disruptive event tracking and observation for the public sector.


The integration of the Kayrros visual interface and API that can be called from Dataiku was recently tested by building a near real-time activity index for the automobile industry supply chain to compare the impact of coronavirus on several U.S. manufacturers and their respective supply chains. Kayrros provided anonymized geolocation data dating back to January 2017 through an API call for 31 automotive assembly plants. Upon processing the data in Dataiku, the model revealed that production has resumed on all sites, but with varying speeds of recovery depending on company and geographical location of the assembly plants. For example, companies such as Fiat Chrysler or General Motors have been slower to return to normal activity, with workforce levels at just 80% of those from June 2019.


Douetteau concludes, "Each step involved in finding reliable data sources and analyzing those sources requires a time-to-impact organizations don't have during times of urgency and disruption. By easily being able to uncover new insights and replicate that work across projects and territories, organizations will become significantly more agile."


To learn more about Dataiku's integration with Kayrros, visit this link.

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