Dataiku Releases Version 5.1 in Anticipation of AI’s Surge in the Enterprise

Features introduced in Dataiku 5.1 allow companies to prepare for the onset of Enterprise AI.

NEW YORK - March 6, 2019 - Dataiku, one of the world's leading Enterprise AI and machine learning platforms, today unveiled the latest release of their software platform, Dataiku 5.1. The innovative new release provides user experience upgrades, a more customized coding experience, and peace of mind for regulatory compliance, all of which allow companies to grow their AI capabilities faster while still maintaining sound governance practices.


The release of Dataiku 5.1 follows quickly on the heels of the September 2018 release of Dataiku 5, and the company plans to continue the momentum into 2019 with even more fresh features to keep enterprises competitive, but in control, in the race to responsible AI.


“At Dataiku, we support the needs of our customers by not only helping break down data silos within their organizations, but also by continually innovating to anticipate where the market is going and provide tools that help companies with their biggest upcoming challenges,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku. “Dataiku 5.1 anticipates the market’s demands for tomorrow, including the need for support in an increasingly regulated data environment as well as the need to govern - yet at the same time enable - the work of both specialized data scientists and analysts."


Some of the highlights of Dataiku 5.1 include:


Better UX for More Models, Faster:
Dataiku 5.1 offers unprecedented ease of use with new project duplication capabilities to provide a tailored flow visibility. Users can now easily copy and reuse analytics workflows from one project to the other and can easily build (and navigate) an analytics project with hundreds of data sources with the new drill/collapse navigation capabilities.

Smooth Coding Experience for Unleashed Power:  
Dataiku 5.1 permits coders to seamlessly work in their integrated development environment (IDE - e.g., RStudio, PyCharm, VSCode, SublimeText, etc.) of choice while leveraging native web apps, reusability, and on-demand elastic compute resources.


Framework for Governance and Control:
Organizations can take data governance to the next level with Dataiku 5.1’s robust GDPR framework to provide peace of mind. Administrators can set policies that restrict the use of private data for modeling on a column-by-column basis and track private data usage overall - while users focus on their priorities.


Learn more about the release or sign up for the March 12th webinar showcasing some of the new capabilities of Dataiku 5.1 here.


Enterprise AI is quickly transforming the efficiency and complexity of data capabilities for businesses worldwide. With Dataiku, organizations can easily create powerful, machine learning-powered applications on a single, collaborative platform. Hundreds of companies, including large Fortune 500s and small businesses, leverage Dataiku to empower teams to create, deploy, and monitor scalable data products and to solve pressing, industry-wide problems such as fraud, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, and more.


This announcement continues to build upon the momentum, growth, and recognition Dataiku has received in recent months. In February, Dataiku expanded its physical footprint to Asia Pacific with new offices in Sydney. In January, Dataiku was named a Challenger in the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms, and in December 2018, Dataiku announced its $101 million Series C round to transform and democratize Enterprise AI globally.

About Dataiku

Dataiku is the centralized data platform that democratizes the use of data science, machine learning, and AI in the enterprise. With Dataiku, businesses are uniquely empowered to move along their data journey from data preparation to analytics at scale to Enterprise AI. By providing a common ground for data experts and explorers, a repository of best practices, shortcuts to machine learning and AI deployment/management, and a centralized, controlled environment, Dataiku is the catalyst for data-powered companies.



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