Dataiku Toolkit + ROI Calculator

A Framework for Calculating Data Science ROI

Navigating the Nuances

Only 10% of companies report significant financial benefits from their AI investments, according to a report from MIT and BCG. This begs the question, though, is it a matter of organizations actually not driving ROI from their data science and AI projects or simply not knowing how to measure it?

This ebook provides a detailed value framework to follow.


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How Can Organizations Properly Measure Returns?

In This Toolkit, Uncover:

  • Best practices for tracking data science ROI
  • Red flags to look out for when thinking about implementing a process to calculate ROI for AI projects
  • A framework to driving ROI with AI platforms (i.e., choosing the right use case, ensuring analytics productivity)
  • An interactive spreadsheet to customize your organization’s potential platform and use case value gains with AI (and an instructional video on how to use it!)