The Analyst of the Future

How to Choose Your Own Adventure for Data and Business Analysts


Become the Analyst of the Future

Choose your own adventure in the evolving world of data and business analysis!

Sweeping trends are shaping the world of data and business analytics. New types of data, new tools, and new analytical methods are all pushing the jobs of analysts into new, exciting directions.

If you're an analyst, you couldn't be in a better position. You have a wealth of options before you, so your dilemma is: how do I choose among all the options available to me? And how to I make sure my role evolves the way I'd like it to?

It's going to be a great adventure for all analysts out there -- so dive in, learn the lay of the land and the many roads that you can take, and choose a great path for yourself!



What you'll find in this guidebook: How to grow from your current role into the analyst of the future:
  • Find yourself among four groups of today's analysts
  • Read about the three analyst roles of the future -- and learn how to become each of them
  • Discover the trends upending the world of data and business analytics

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