Enabling CDOs and the Data Revolution
Featuring insight from more than 50 global cross-industry CDOs

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) role has gone from anomaly to necessity within the last five years. Find out why that is the case and how to overcome the struggles to achieve data maturity. Whether a CDO yourself, looking to hire one, or trying to evolve data systems, this white paper offers critical insights.
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CDOs Driving Data Maturity

 The path to AI is long, and even when organizations want to leverage its analysis, they're not always at a level of data maturity where they are able to. CDOs drive data maturity and can guide an organization towards customized and strategic deployment of limited technical resources towards a more data-driven business strategy. This white paper explores the challenges facing today's CDOs and how to overcome them.

We collaborated with Caroline Carruthers, CDO of Carruthers & Jackson and co-author of The Chief Data Officer Playbook, to explore these insights.

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 In this white paper, you'll find:

  • A brief definition and history of the Chief Data Officer.
  • Analysis into the top problems facing CDOs and how to overcome them.
  • Insight from more than 50 global cross-industry CDOs surveyed about their data problems and maturity.
  • Historical context on the Data Revolution with a deep-dive into how it's impacting the landscape today.
  • Exploration of the Data Leader community with reasons to get involved.
  • And more!