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82% of Bank Executives Say Their Teams Have Difficulties Identifying Relevant Customer Segments

Dataiku's pre-built projects, like the customer segmentation business solution, can help banks easily can reduce acquisition costs, drive up retention rates, and more. With such ready-to-use templates, Dataiku will augment all aspects of your banking processes with AI, including Generative AI. 

"A benefit Dataiku brings us is the ability to have a detailed process operated by teams that are not in the same location or belonging to the same culture, and that efficiently collaborate on the platform in a smooth way."

— Marc Irubetagoyena
Head of Group Stress Testing and Financial Simulations at BNP

“Within a very short period of time we basically achieved our original goal, which was processing data better. But Dataiku made us realize we could do so much more than that. We’ve got an army of people copy and pasting data — Dataiku allowed us to have different conversations about data.”

– Craig Turrell
Head of Plan to Perform (P2P) Data Strategy & Delivery at Standard Chartered Bank

“Analytics has enabled our business to become more of a trusted advisor to our clients that we are auditing. We are going to clients with issues that perhaps they would not have known otherwise.”

– Masood Ali
Senior Director of DataStrategy and Governance at Royal Bank ofCanada
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Optimize Your Banking Processes With AI

Explore the Next Frontier in Banking — This Use Case Library Walks You Through Multiple Industry Use Cases and Examples

Nurturing and Growing Your Customer Base

AI-powered solutions for sales and marketing teams help create efficient, data-supported systems that yield real actionable results.

Reduce False Negatives by 40% in Fraud Detection

See how enhancing setups with machine learning
rules can reduce false negatives and improve new pattern detection.

Bolster Assessments by Prioritizing Risk Likelihood

Discover how Dataiku’s AML business solution helps financial crime analysts assess effectiveness of existing business rules.

Reduce Time to Prepare Analyses and Deploy Insights by 87%

Learn how Bankers’ Bank data teams leverage Dataiku to increase efficiency and ensure data quality across. 


Dataiku’s credit scoring solution provides a unified space where existing business knowledge, machine-assisted analytics (for example, automatic search for a large number of features and feature iterations for credit signals), and real-time collaboration on credit scorecards are brought together.

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