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Data Architecture 101

Data Architecture Best Practices: Scalability, Security, & More

Why is data architecture important? Data architecture strategy is the foundation of every organization’s holistic, enterprise data strategy, but it's not just something for CIOs or the enterprise data architect role either.

Understand the ways that data moves! For this easy-to-grasp guidebook on end to end data architecture strategy, you don’t need special data architect skills to find value in the insights. Non-technical readers can dive in. 


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Modern Data Architecture Principles

Understand Data Architecture Concepts

Data architecture components and data architecture tools can be a complex web of inside data workings with ultimately external impact as well, so it is important to clearly define your organization’s game plan for an efficient, modern data platform architecture from the get-go. This guidebook functions as a data architecture course with illustrated data architecture examples and key data architecture terms explained for a non-technical audience to understand and define data architecture requirements on a foundational level — all of your data architecture questions answered!

Data Architecture Basics - mockup 1
Data Architecture Basics - mockup 2

Data Architecture for Beginners

Data Centric Architecture Basics

Moving from conceptual data architecture plans to, in practice, actually building out enterprise data architecture processes is a big jump. From ensuring data architecture skills across teams and setting data architecture standards, a data architecture framework approach should be uniquely curated to meet your organization's digital transformation goals and accommodate your organization’s data pipeline architecture limitations. Create a customized data architecture roadmap.