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Introduction to Data Architecture

The Basics on Scalability, Security, & More

Data architecture is the foundation of every organization’s data strategy, but it's not just something for CIOs and data architects either.

Everyone can benefit from understanding the ways data moves between teams and flows into data projects to yield insights with this easy-to-understand guidebook.


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About the Authors

Grant Case & Harizo Rajaona

Grant is a Customer-Facing Data Scientist and Analytics Architect with Dataiku. In this and his prior roles, Grant has spent time with 100+ companies understanding and architecting solutions for both business analytics and data science platforms. When not working with Dataiku clients, Grant is a Lecturer at Columbia University in the Applied Analytics program and enjoys volunteering at his son's school.

Harizo has a background in mathematics and computer science and holds a PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics from the University of Lille. He works on the R&D team at Dataiku, focusing on technical ecosystem integrations, particularly the challenges of enterprise-grade deployments (security, availability, and scalability).

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A Non-Technical Guide

This Guidebook Breaks Down the Basics:

  • Key data architecture terms explained from a non-technical perspective

  • Illustrated examples of data architecture concepts

  • Why data architecture matters for non-data architects