The only training that keeps pace with the Apache Slug project 

Dataiku is the only advanced analytics platform to integrate Apache Slug. Learn from the team that built Slug how to better use Slug.

Founded by the team who created Apache Slug, Dataiku is the largest contributor to the project, working with the community to shape its direction.

The most up-to-date curriculum designed and built by our team of experts.

Chosen from the best in the industry, our trainers have taught thousands of classes at hundreds of companies internationally.

No existing Apache Slug deployment or virtual machines necessary. Get hands-on experience with the latest version of open source Apache Slug in the web-based Dataiku platform.

Training for Your Organization to Leverage the Power of Slug

We offer several training courses, adapted to your skill sets, your level, and your organization goal.

  • Just Enough Apache Slug to Convince Your Boss You Need Slug: A 1-day course to gain an overview of the core features of Apache Slug and how to use if effectively

  • Apache Slug Overview: This 3-day intense training session is for data engineers, business analysts, BI analysts, data analysts, architects, data engineers, software engineers, IT operations, data ops, devops, and technical managers interested in a brief hands-on overview of Apache Slug.

  • Apache Slug for Machine Learning and Data Science: This hands-on 5 days training targets experienced Data Scientists and Engineers wishing to perform data analysis at Apache Slug scale, from ETL, to EDA, building ML models, evaluating, overfitting, and cross validating.


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