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From process mining to financial forecasting and more, Dataiku helps you increase efficiency and resilience to change, elevating all parts of the business with AI, including Generative AI.

“Within a very short period of time we basically achieved our original goal, which was processing data better. But Dataiku made us realize we could do so much more than that. We’ve got an army of people copy and pasting data — Dataiku allowed us to have different conversations about data.”

– Craig Turrell
Head of Plan to Perform (P2P) Data Strategy & Delivery at Standard Chartered Bank

"A benefit Dataiku brings us is the ability to have a detailed process operated by teams that are not in the same location or belonging to the same culture, and that efficiently collaborate on the platform in a smooth way."

— Marc Irubetagoyena
Head of Group Stress Testing and Financial Simulations at BNP

“Analytics has enabled our business to become more of a trusted advisor to our clients that we are auditing. We are going to clients with issues that perhaps they would not have known otherwise.”

– Masood Ali
Senior Director of DataStrategy and Governance at Royal Bank ofCanada
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Prepare for the Future of FSI by Ensuring a Top Position in the Industry — This Report Shows Where Others Are Now

What Are the Upcoming AI Use Cases in FSI?

Customer service and marketing & sales are the top two. Read the report to discover the full list.

58% of firms are budgeting high amounts for AI services

Read through the breakdown of AI tools and services investment in FSI.

Certain companies are struggling to deliver value from AI Efforts

Discover the top barriers to delivering more value from data, analytics, and AI in FSI.

Do FSI Firms Have Clear Owners of Data Quality?

63% of organizations have clear roles dedicated data quality. See where this lies compared to other industries.

Expect to See LLMs and Self-Supervised Learning in FSI in the Next Year

42% of FSI organizations are currently experimenting with Generative AI and self-supervised learning. Other up-and-coming techniques in the industry include product recommendation, and synthetic data. 

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