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Focus AI Efforts on Where You Lag Behind Industry Average

We compiled this healthcare and life sciences report from a June 2023 survey of hundreds of senior AI professionals in the industry. Measure your organization against the average to understand which areas you should invest more in to remain competitive.

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76% of Healthcare and Life Sciences Firms Will Use Generative AI Next Year

From accelerating drug discovery to improving clinical operations and manufacturing or optimizing commercial outreach and patient outcomes, Dataiku helps you elevate all parts of the business with AI, including Generative AI.

“Gen AI represents a meaningful new tool that can help unlock a piece of the unrealized $1 trillion of improvement potential present in the industry.”

— McKinsey & Company
"Tackling Healthcare’s Biggest Burdens With Generative AI"

“Dataiku has been a huge part of the analytic democratization process that we use. It’s really supercharged us.”

– Debbie Reynolds
Vice President, Enterprise Data Solutions & Engineering at Pfizer

“Dataiku was for us the best overall ROI because of the skills that were required to use it. We didn't need an DevOps engineer or data scientist and similar skillsets.”

– Mike Hoyt
SVP of Technology and Business Process at Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care
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Prepare for the Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences by Ensuring a Top Position in the Industry — This Report Shows Where Others Are Now

What are the most up-and-coming use cases in healthcare & life sciences?

Strategic management and customer service are on the road map for next year, but there’s more!

57% of healthcare & life sciences firms budget high amounts for AI

Read through the breakdown of AI tools and services investment in the industry.

Why do firms struggle to bear value from AI?

Discover the top barriers to delivering more value from data, analytics, and AI in the industry.

Do your leaders understand the risks and benefits of AI?

Here’s what other healthcare and life sciences firms answered.


Wrong. See how attitudes towards ChatGPT differ from the optimism regarding Generative AI as a whole in the industry.
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