AI for Retail and CPG

High Value Use Cases, Challenges, Trends and Opportunities

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With AI and machine learning becoming a benchmark for business practices, retail and CPG companies today have the unprecedented opportunity to leverage their data and elevate the customer experience in new, more meaningful ways. This white paper will delve into:

  • An in-depth look at some of the highest-value use cases to consider when getting started (or continuing) an AI journey.

  • An overview of frequently used retail AI techniques illustrated with more advanced use cases.

  • Up-and-coming trends on the horizon of AI in retail and CPG.

  • Challenges and suggested frameworks for transforming technology, people, and processes around AI in today’s enterprise.




Nancy Koleva
Nancy Koleva
Marketing Content Specialist

Nancy has an academic background in media and communications, and has previous experience writing and running marketing operations for an online beauty retailer and digital media companies. Her most recent efforts are focused on doing research in digital anthropology and combining her passion for writing and tech in her role of Marketing Content Specialist at Dataiku, where she conducts research and writes about AI ethics, trends and developments in the retail, CPG, media and entertainment industries.

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Hugo Le Squeren
AI Deployment Strategist

Former entrepreneur with an IT engineering background, Hugo joined Dataiku in 2015 and is currently working as an AI Deployment Strategist. He’s dedicated to helping retailers, CPG, and e-commerce players use Dataiku's software to transform their data into better business decisions. Hugo has successfully accompanied dozens of customers in using Dataiku for their business projects such as price and loyalty optimization, content personalization, sales forecasting, dynamic pricing, churn prevention, conversion improvement, fraud prevention, and so on.

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Vincent de Stoecklin
Senior Solutions Architect

Vincent is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dataiku with a background in engineering, business and digital transformation. He’s focused on helping retail and CPG companies build and deploy data products, and accelerate their path towards Entreprise AI. Vincent is passionate about helping both organizations and individuals transition towards a data-driven mindset and has over 8 years of combined experience in research, teaching, consulting, and training in the field of AI, big data, and digital transformation.

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About the White Paper

Making the transition into the age of AI isn’t easy for the retail and CPG space, but it also isn’t insurmountable. Retailers and brands that set themselves up with the right infrastructure for people, processes, and tools can thrive. This white paper offers a step-by-step approach to implementing an AI-driven retail model, and guides you through:


  • The core applications of AI in the retail and CPG industries.
  • The main obstacles and challenges, and how to address them.
  • An overview of the emerging AI trends in the retail and CPG space, and how to transform them into actionable business insights.
  • And that's not all!


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From hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and customer journey optimization to transforming warehouse and store management, AI is empowering brands and retailers to understand their customers and their businesses better in order to deliver unique, differentiated, one-on-one experiences. Marketing, sales, and supply-chain management together constitute some of the biggest areas of opportunity.

Consumer industries such as retail and e-commerce will tend to see more potential from marketing and sales AI applications because frequent and digital interactions between business and customers generate larger datasets for AI techniques to tap into. 

For their part, brick-and-mortar retailers and CPG companies can implement AI applications to improve product assortment and inventory management per store and to optimize their supply chains end-to-end.

Brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike can take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to generate data usable by AI techniques to both improve the performance of their supply chains and apply some of the top-line innovations from the online world to the offline world, for example, by viewing dwell time in front of a physical display as analogous to spending more time viewing web or mobile content.


Making the transition into the age of AI isn’t easy for the retail and CPG space, but it also isn’t insurmountable. This white paper walks you through all you need to know when getting started (or continuing) your path to a successful AI-driven retail or CPG model.


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