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Demystifying AI

Where to Draw the Line Between Myth and Reality

First things first: Why exactly has AI become such a nebulous term in modern society? 

In this ebook, we answer that question and share the five most common assumptions about AI. Then, we cut through the noise, equipping organizations with the insights they need to avoid falling into the trap of mistaking myth for reality.

3D Cover Myth vs. Reality Debunking the 5 Most Common Assumptions About AI

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Misconceptions That Can Ruin a Scaling AI Strategy

This Ebook Includes:

  • A helpful overview of what has led to opacity around the definition of AI (think: hype, mainstream media, blurred lines between consumer-facing and Enterprise AI, etc.)

  • The top five most common AI myths, such as the notion that AI will automatically bring ROI

  • Insights from Dataiku customers debunking the myths and putting the realities into practice (and ways your organization can too)